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The Man Cave began with a passion to educate men on self-care by providing them with an awesome grooming experience to be excitedly embraced rather than avoided. We strongly feel that men can fully enjoy the process of being pampered while retaining manhood. There's simply nothing wimpy about looking and feeling good.
Originally, the Upper Peninsula lacked great male hair services and The Man Cave Owner, Tonia Curry, decided it was time to step up and change the game. Growing up in the industry, Tonia eventually landed a dream job at Paul Mitchell where she gained incredible knowledge and skill over the course of 7 years. After that great experience, she decided it was time to dream again and, a few years later, birthed The Man Cave; an exceptional hair and beard parlor tailored to addressing the grooming needs of men while giving a fun, relaxed, social experience.
Tonia now leads an amazing group of talented stylists providing high-end hair and beard services to the Upper Peninsula. They bring passion and joy to their craft, creating an incredible experience that leaves clients only wishing their hair grew faster.

Let's hear from the clients

The newest grooming experience for men - something we've been waiting for.

As a bald guy, I hadn't seen a legitimate need to go someplace to get a cut in a very VERY long time. That changed after this visit.

The atmosphere was incredibly comfortable and the services I took advantage of were fantastic. It was an incredibly social space as well. I found myself not only conversing with my stylist, but other staff and their clients.

I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend this establishment.

Thomas white

After having my hair cut by the same person for nearly twenty years it was difficult for me to try a new place. I am so glad I decided to stop by your shop.

The conversation was amusing, the service was outstanding, and the price was shockingly reasonable. Thank you so much And I look forward to my next visit.

john triest

My husband and boys come in monthly for haircuts. We LOVE it. We came in yesterday and my 1 year old had his first hair cut. Tonia and all the girls were amazing with my boys like always.


The girls do a great job, the atmosphere rocks and their services are spectacular! Highly recommend them to all the big and little men I know.

kylie gearhart

I've been growing my beard 2 1/2 months and it was finally time for a trim. I was afraid to get this bad boy trimmed up in fear something would go wrong and lose my beard. So not the case. These ladies took great care of me and did I mention I was a walk in as well?


My beard has never looked better!! Thank you so much!!

I also left with my own beard brush. Now my wife won't be nagging me anymore for using her hair brush lol.

Excellent customer service!!

dale sexton

We love the Man Cave! My husband, who is extremely picky about his beard, has never had a complaint about getting it trimmed here. Also, we took my two year old in for a kids cut today and was extremely impressed with the customer service and patience. All of the stylists are great.


Thank you Tonia for bringing a WONDERFUL men's salon to Escanaba!

Kayla boudreau

Highly recommended! During my time in Tonia's chair for a beard trim, I noticed that all of the girls are very receptive to your taste & opinion but also skilled enough to offer advice if you don't know exactly what you want.

And the beer pedicure...Let me tell you, I've never done such a thing in my life but thought I'd give it a try. It's just the right cure for your barking dogs! Nothing girly about it.

This is just the kinda place Escanaba's men needed & I hope you'll join me in supporting this fine establishment.

jon johnson

The Man Cave Beard Trim Client
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The Man Cave Haircut Client Child
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The Man Cave Haircut Client Adult
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